How do Crystals work with sound?

Everything is vibration, and this is where science and spirit can become one.  We are always reacting to everything around us quite subconsciously – there is no mistake as we look up at a clear blue sky that we feel better any more than if we have a few grey days our emotions start to fall.  The green in the forests lift our hearts and soothes us whilst reds, and oranges energises us into action.

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What sort of things do we discuss in Circle?

Our Circles are very interactive, and everything is designed to create the space for recognising how each of us matters and have important things to say.  Recently we were led through a pathway of discussing the Chakras and meditating on each of them to open, understand and refresh their energy.  We have been working with Astrology this last week and there have been some great conversations have followed.  Recently, for a session at a Spiritualist Centre, I made a home-made set of cards with all the things we discuss in Circle and there were 70 points of discussion that are ever expanding.

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Do you need to stick to the same Reiki Master?

Quick answer is no. I myself started with Denise Crundall, and then did the rest of my training with Dr Pauline Fitzgerald.  The main reason was that Pauline held classes in Mt Martha and provided dedicated monthly Reiki Share Times.

Now with the blossoming of Reiki in so many different directions sometimes I am mindful that if students haven’t done Reiki I or II with me that they may need a Refresher Course which brings them up to speed with Living Reiki.  It is amazing how much more you get from doing more Courses and my Reiki III and IV students are required to attend two more classes in each Reiki I and II at both levels as part of their Living Reiki Master Courses. They always comment on how much they get from doing the Courses again.

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Do we need to take notice of metals as well?

Definitely, as we wear jewellery they are usually surrounded by metal. Notice for yourself whether you favour silver, or gold jewellery? Do you notice that you sometimes change your jewellery with the seasons or how you are feeling at the time?

It is quite often the metal that is touching the skin which is of course a conductor of the energy along with the crystals.  All colours are either receptive or projective and this is the same for metals.  Let us look at the two most popular metals: -

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Does Reiki wear off?

Once you have had four tunings for Reiki I, three tunings for Reiki II and one tuning for Reiki III and IV, you cannot lose the Spiritual Connection to Living Reiki.  However, if you haven’t had enough tunings or have lost contact with the energy or have been disappointed in the training given - it may be time to consider doing a Refreshment Course.

Are there benefits to doing a Refreshment Course?

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