This is the most sacred time of a Living Reiki Course, and is so special and unique.  We have a room set aside for the purpose of Attunement to Reiki and make it as special as possible with a Crystal Mandala which tunes in the gifts that will be given during the Course time. 

The Reiki Master Symbol is the connection directly from Mikao Usui Sensei, who enlivened the Symbols from ancient Sanskrit texts and received a Satori moment allowing it to be enlivened in our times.  It is the Symbol that directly passes on the energy from the origins of Reiki to the person, the Symbol we, as Reiki Masters, pass from Master to Student.  We cannot be fully tuned in to Reiki without this Ceremony.

For Reiki I we have four tunings representing the four areas that we work with; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  In Reiki II we continue the personal healing journey with three Attunements representing; Power, Emotional and Mental Energy, and Cosmic energies all of which are allied to the three Symbols we are taught during Reiki II.  For Reiki III and IV only one tuning is necessary as it is connecting you to the Divine and affirming your lineage as a bearer of the Master Symbol.   

Just as Mikao Usui Sensei connected to each of his students personally, I believe it is my duty to do the same and to understand it is the Attunements and the power of the Reiki Master Symbol and ceremony that transforms the awareness of Reiki energy and welcomes the student into the family of Reiki now and forever.  I have a portrait of Mikao Usui Sensei in my room of Attunement and as I raise my hand to welcome the Attunement Energy my eyes are firmly on the portrait as I ask permission for this one to be welcomed to the Reiki family.  It is such a wonderful part of the Living Reiki journey and should never be hurried or cut short in any way.