Crystals are from the Natural Mineral Kingdom, they are found all over the world from deep below her outer shell. Our word “Crystal” is derived from the ancient Greek term “krystallos”, meaning “ice”.  The Greeks thought rock crystal was water that had frozen so completely that it could never melt again.

Crystals come from deep within the Earth’s crust. Superheated gases and mineral-rich solutions find their way towards the surface along cracks and fissures at very high temperatures.  As they cool, the atoms of the boiling gases and liquids begin to arrange themselves in regular patterns or crystal lattices.  All crystals have their own characteristic microscopic lattice forms and contain a charge of piezo electricity. (Piezo means to ‘squeeze’ or ‘press’).

As the mineral solutions near the Earth’s surface cool and the pressure drops, atoms from different minerals often combine to create more complex crystals.  Usually harder minerals, such as diamond, emerald and quartz form at a higher pressure and temperature, and have a dense lattice structure.  Softer minerals, such as calcite and turquoise crystallize form at lower temperatures and have a more open lattice.

They are the most stable structure we have on Earth and are often used in modern technology and their unique orderliness is why they are so precious in healing us emotionally, mentally and physically.  In our next newsletter we will focus on how crystals work.