Psychic Development Circle

Psychic/Spiritual Awareness is understanding and reaching to that infinite spark that is within all of us but that all too often gets drowned out with the clamour of the modern world.

It is so much more than any religion, but at the heart of every one of them is the desire for spiritual awareness, connectedness to Source or God, however you feel comfortable with that Creator energy. 

Everyone needs a Spiritual content to their lives. I quite often find myself challenging not only myself, but my kids, my students and clients, especially when I, or they, are going through difficult times.

  • What are you doing emotionally about the issue before you? That might be to look at the issue honestly and with integrity.  Is there a need for forgiveness of yourself and others?
  • What are you doing mentally? Are you attaching too much energy to this problem around you?  Is it your business, their business or God’s business?  Who is on your personal healing team?
  • What are you doing physically? Do you have to look at your eating habits, exercise patterns, are you seeking more information from your doctor and holistic health practitioners?
  • What are you doing for your Spiritual connection? Are you meditating? Are you praying? Are you asking for divine intervention and help in your life? Are you willing to follow the advice from that still small voice within?

How can we cultivate our Psychic/Spiritual Awareness? 

Yes you can do it all on your own, and you can get lots of information from the Web, but what fun is that? How lonely is it not really connecting on a deeper level to a community of like minded souls that you can listen to, share with and get a physical hug from?

And yes, you can develop Psychically without attachment to your Spirituality but then you are only seeing half the story. Aligning our Spirit with our gifts of Psychic Awareness is like putting tomato and basil together, peppermint in chocolate, cheese on toast etc, etc, which gives so much more flavour and enjoyment, marriages made in heaven so to speak.  

For me, Circle energy is like making a commitment to my Spiritual Self, where I get the chance to quieten my mind, soothe my emotions, get ideas and make fresh commitment to my physical self. But most of all it is by aligning and remembering my Spirit, to once more open to the greater good.   I also get it by going along to Spiritualist Centers, and The Light Workers Way  Psychic Festivals which are full of the Psychic/Spiritual Awareness vibes.