I realize now that I have been working with crystals all my life; jewellery was always a favorite topic in our house and we admired lots of crystals when we went window shopping.  My Mum had a great collection and, my sister and I were brought up playing respectfully with Mum’s very fine jewellery.  

Mum along the way has passed parts of her collection to me which I honor and treasure, and my sister and children have given me wonderful gifts of jewellery; this makes me feel connected to them even when they are far away.

How many of us have been given pieces of jewellery and then fallen out with the person and can no longer wear it.  It lays in our jewellery box unused, but you just can’t seem to give or throw it away either.  At our Crystal Courses you will now have the opportunity of releasing the old stagnant energy associated with your jewellery learning how to cleanse, charge and re-inspire each piece and give a new meaning and vibration to them that is all your own.
Crystals are very much a part of my work and life now in different ways from when I was a child or young adult, and I acknowledge their power and constructive influence in all that I do by working consciously with them. One of the pieces that Mum passed on to me was the diamond ring given to her by my Dad on their 25th Anniversary. Instead of just using this only for special occasions as Mum did, I use it as an energy transmitter for my work, and whenever I need to be focused and have good energy, I work with the diamond energy to achieve purity of intention.

As I am writing this article I have my diamond ring on, a chunk of fluorite for concentration beside me, an amazonite on the computer screen as protection from the radiation, a piece of rose quartz to remind me to love myself and not to work too hard, a small abundance crystal to help me remember I deserve all good things in my life, and my trusty pendulum just in case I have questions.    

During our Crystal Workshops we will understand how to, not only work with crystals and jewellery that you already own but, how to be more discerning with what you choose to buy giving them the optimum use and for specific purposes.  

Whether I am teaching, giving Living Reiki treatments or Readings, as we work together, we are surrounded by crystals to support and augment the spiritual energies that we are working with.  People ask why do I have so many?  Well, I have been collecting them over a long period of time. I am also asked, “How do I remember them all”? Because they are my friends and work tools, and we work side by side I know them very well. I know that crystals help to keep my energy strong and to help the people I am working with.

I love working and playing with Crystals; they are such a special gift from Mother Earth, and we can use them in so many ways.  I hope you join us for this year’s sessions of the “Healing 7 Series Crystal Workshops” on Saturday15th and 22nd June where we will focus on ‘Healing with Crystals’ and how to use them for Readings.  The Workshops are filling up quickly so don’t miss out as I only teach Crystals once a year.