Why do people come to learn about Psychic and Self-Development and why would they choose to join a Circle? Each Circle takes us on a journey to become more deeply aware of that inner light, to understand why it is there, what is its purpose and how to develop it.

Very few people come along to Circle who have never had something happen that they just can’t explain. We query co-incidences, wonder about déjà vu, ask how is it that we sometimes just know what is going to happen, and what about the feeling that we know someone and yet we have never met them before. Why do we feel closer to some people than others for no apparent reason? Why do we thirst to know more about some ancient culture or time in history?  Many of these questions can be answered by coming along to Psychic Development Circles, but for me it is so important that we know ourselves better, that we explore what our gifts are, and how can we best work with them.  That we ask ourselves how these gifts can be of help to others?

We all have the gift of Inspiration and, in Circle, we learn how to trust our intuition and to listen to the Quiet Mind within that access' information from our Higher Mind.  As we remember to stop and listen, to hear that inspiration more clearly, it can have amazing results in our personal lives and, that inspiration can help you to reach out to others at just the right time, in the right way, even with something as simple as a smile, or a compliment.  How amazing that we can be of service to each other in this way.
When we have the impulse to learn more, what we are looking at is Psychic Awareness.  Even being led to a certain teacher at a certain time means that you have connected to your Psychic Awareness.  You have allowed the inspiration to come to you and you have been willing to act upon it.  It’s almost as if an antenna is picking up radio signals from the air and is making sense out of them.  All of us have Psychic gifts, whether we admit it or not.  It isn’t something we have a need to believe, Psychic Awareness simply is.  The world would be more of a mess if people didn’t listen to those primordial instincts.

How do yours work? That is what we discover in Circle, in safe circumstances, guided step by step, and encouraged to trust the guidance coming through from the highest of energies connecting to your highest energy, first of all using this for yourself and then, using it to help others to be aware of those messages of love that are coming through the veil or dimension of the Spirit world to our human world.  Some of us have better antennas than others because we practice more and have an instinct that this is the right thing for us to do.
Mediumship is another step along on the journey. Some have it from birth; others develop their skills over time.  Everyone needs to feel safe whilst dealing with the Spirit World.  To know about protection, and prayer; to make sure they are working from their highest integrity and to have commitment.  An undisciplined Medium who will blurt out messages to anyone and everyone, will most probably find they are exhausted a lot of the time, and they will not know where they are sourcing their information.  A disciplined Medium will always ask for permission to work with you and will spend time to acknowledge who is bringing through the information and the messages that are being shared.  They will work together with your guides and loved ones to bring messages through to empower you.
So, what is the difference between Inspiration, Psychic Awareness, and Mediumship?  They are simply different aspects of the same energy. Working in a Psychic Development Circle can help you to choose to develop those aspects and be in control of them rather than they be in control of you.  If honoured and worked with correctly, it can be such an amazing bonus in your life. Always go with your first thought as you answer this question. Do you need to be sitting in a Psychic Development Circle right now? Remember, there is no wrong answer to that question.