Reiki Table

Quick answer is no. Reiki cannot wear off. Once you have been tuned in to Reiki, it lasts for a lifetime, and providing that you have had the correct number of tunings, it is a bond that cannot be broken. However, if you haven’t practiced Reiki or haven’t perhaps been taught in the correct manner, you may have a need to do a new Reiki Course with a different teacher or go on a refreshment course to remind you how great Reiki feels.

One of the questions I was asked was, “Am I welcome at the Reiki Share Day if I have learned from another teacher”, and the answer is always Yes. We are here to share energy. We go through certain Reiki techniques to bring everyone up to speed and, even those without Reiki, are welcome to join in.  I must admit when they wish to join one of my Reiki II courses and they have learned from someone else, I will question whether they have enough knowledge or tunings and will often ask them to redo Reiki I with me before going on to complete Reiki II.  They usually find it is well worth their while to do this and love the deepening of their connection to Reiki.

So, if you have lost contact with Reiki, or were not satisfied with the Course that you took, maybe it is time to think about doing another Reiki Course or a Refresher Course.  Part of the process of doing Reiki III and IV with me is that you do two extra courses of Reiki I and II and the students find it is of great advantage and very enjoyable to complete these extra courses.