Ulexite crystal

Every time you turn on the TV especially as most of them have LCD screens, (Liquid Crystal Display), your computer, tablet or simply look at your mobile phone you are in the company of crystals.  When you go to the shops, crystals will be used in displays and the cash registers; industry uses crystals extensively.  Everything that has a lithium battery will have a substance called cobalt in it and cobalt is found in the Earth’s crust alongside copper and nickel. It is smelted to become the beautiful crystal that you see here.  All computer chips are coated with silica to conduct the energy. This commonly comes from quartz and, in many parts of the world, silica or quartz is the major constituent of sand, which is why sand sparkles in the sun.  Optic Fibres are made up of Ulexite also known as the TV stone. 

The crystal looks very similar to selenite however Ulexite is a borate, whereas selenite is a variety of gypsum which is a sulphate. So, you see you can’t really get away from crystals and their very special properties.  Many of our Christmas lighting decorations are made of optic fibres, and our communication cables literally flowing all around the world, underneath our oceans so that we can talk from one end of the world to another.  Even our blood crystallizes under certain circumstances so we too, are conductors of energy as is water, which, as it cools and turns to ice and snowflakes each one individual but connected to the whole.
I read somewhere that is good idea to say a prayer whilst standing in a line at the supermarket. Have a picture in your mind of how connected we all are; how we deserve abundance in every way, and just as the cash register is attached to an energy grid, so are we attached to a spiritual energy grid. So, give a thought to send out beautiful, clear, clean energy to manifest the highest energy for our beautiful Mother Earth and all who live upon it.