Once you have had four tunings for Reiki I, three tunings for Reiki II and one tuning for Reiki III and IV, you cannot lose the Spiritual Connection to Living Reiki.  However, if you haven’t had enough tunings or have lost contact with the energy or have been disappointed in the training given - it may be time to consider doing a Refreshment Course.

Are there benefits to doing a Refreshment Course?

If you learnt a long time ago chances are you do not have all the information you need to enhance your Reiki Practice.  Maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to practice Reiki as much as you would have liked and were perhaps not taught the spiritual discipline and importance of giving yourself Reiki on a regular basis.  Whatever the reason, if you have that little thought that you would like to learn more or reconnect to the energy, you are welcome to join a Living Reiki I or II course to get you back in the groove.
It is a requirement in Living Reiki III and IV Courses that the student comes along to at least two more Living Reiki I and II Courses as part of their training. I have observed that they thoroughly enjoy getting into the depths of Living Reiki and get so much more from repeating the Courses.  Come along and see for yourself; our next Living Reiki II Course is in September and another Living Reiki I Course is planned for November.