Let us introduce the team working at the next Festival

Carrie Matthews

Tarot/Holistic Healing

It is my belief that the medium of Tarot offers confirmation; positivity; insightfulness; strength; clarity; hope; motivation; guidance and peace to anyone who chooses to receive the messages that are revealed through them.

I have been involved with Meditation, Healings and Readings for 10 years.

Carla Bando

Carla Bando

Medium/Intuitive Healer

I use Oracle cards and work with the Angels to:

*Give general Guidance Readings.

*Connect to loved ones who have passed over.

*Give Twinflame Readings

*Give Soul Purpose Readings

My psychic journey started because I had a strong urge to connect with and know about the world beyond.

To amplify my skills as a Medium, I studied Mediumship Development and Pellowah Healing.

My studies have enabled me to expand my knowledge and connect with like-minded people.

I run Mediumship Development Courses, Workshops and Retreats.

Elisabeth Edwards

Elisabeth Edwards

Tarot/Psychic/ Medium
I have been working as a Tarot Reader for more than 30 years.
I believe that Tarot is a tool that can provide you with connections to your loved ones.
Are you at a crossroads?
Looking for a better way of life?
Looking for answers to questions about Love - Health – Career or Guidance?
Then bring your questions to me and let’s get a connection happening.

Erica Aimino

Erica Aimino


Using my Clairvoyant ability, I can see Spirit, auras, objects and places through my third eye.

I experience Clairaudience, meaning I hear messages either physically or psychically.

I have Clairsentient ability and receive information via taste, smell or touch.

I have worked as a Psychic Medium for the past nine years. I also work as a platform Medium demonstrating proof of survival.

I currently run two Medium/Psychic Development Circles and assist others on their spiritual journey.


Lessly Sobarzo

Psychic Medium Healer

Lessly is a Gifted International Psychic Medium Healer & Holistic Practitioner specialising in Shamanic Energy & Vibrational Healings, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Mediumship, Spiritual Healings, is a Certified Angel Card Reader, Reiki Master / Teacher, & Intuitive Soul Coach.

She has experience and practice in Spiritual Awakenings & Journeys, Mentorship in Reiki & Coaching, Woman’s Health, Kids Meditation & Yoga, Family Holistic Programs, Angel & Tarot Card Reading Courses, Mastering Your Inner Child Program, Ocean / Nature Therapy Retreats & Workshops.
She loves to help people from ALL walks of life to set them on their very own rightful path with grounding, clarity, ease, grace and love, especially to remind them of their path and sacred work in this timeline.
Lessly’s Healing, Reading or Session will be precise and EXACTLY for YOU, right NOW.

Book in for a Reading from the heart 💓

Linda Curiso 

Linda Curiso


I connect to you by listening to your voice, being empathic and clairsentient (feeling) and using my ability of “knowing” - Clair cognizance.
I understand how it feels to be spiritually different and I can help you to have a more satisfying  Reading if you ask specific questions.
I use the Tarot and or Oracle Cards in my own way to answer your questions with caring honesty.
I am a qualified Reiki Master and Crystal Healer and am able to pick up on any emotional healing that may be required, always with permission of your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels.
I run many different workshops and my work has taken me to the U.K. and U.S.A. where I worked as a professional Psychic.

 Lyn Angel

Lyn Angel

Psychic Medium/Angel Readings

Lyn is an experienced Psychic Medium and Angel Reader.
She uses Angel Cards to connect with your loved ones in the Spirit World and your Angels, to bring you loving and comforting messages.
Lyn answers your questions giving you clarity to follow your true path and live the life you deserve.
Lyn specialises in helping you to use the Law of Attraction to create what you desire.

 MaryAnne Fox

MaryAnne Fox


I am a very experienced Tarot Reader.
As part of my work with Spirit I conduct; -
Psychic Development Classes
Intuitive Parties and Workshops
Guidance and direction for business
Professional clearance of negative energies from businesses, homes and people.

 Edith Ralston

Edith Ralston

Medium. Tarot

I have been working as a professional Medium for over 16 years.

Through my Guides and Guardian Angels I bring forward messages for you.

If you are having problems within a relationship, need a guide to help you with work issues or wish to tune into your own Guides and Guardian Angels my beautiful Spirit Guides can assist you.

Matu Apiata 

Matu Apiata


I have been active in the Psychic Development and Coaching world since 2005. In 2016 I was guided to ‘come out’ and step fully into my Mediumship journey and provide Tarot & Psychic readings and messages from Spirit to my clients.
As an active Spiritual Coach, I see clients on a weekly basis providing guidance and direction to bring deep emotional truths to light allowing healing to occur.
I also teach the Science of Manifestation and lessons from ‘A Course in Miracles’.
Sheila Morgan

Sheila Morgan

Psychic/Medium/Reiki Master/Crystal Healing

Sheila has been a professionally practicing Medium for more than 25 years.
Since 1999 Sheila has been a Reiki Master and regularly teaches Reiki I, II, III & Master study courses.
She has worked internationally as a Medium in the UK and US and gives regular lectures and demonstrations of her psychic abilities at Spiritualist Centres in Victoria and other community benefit gatherings.
Sheila runs a private practice of Spiritual Guidance Readings, Personal Reiki Sessions, Crystal Therapy Sessions, and Enchanting Psychic Parties.

 Shirley Nicholls

Shirley Nicholls

Clairvoyant/Medium/Past Life Regression Practitioner

Angel Intuitive/Reiki Channel
These attributes help me to work with your Spirit Guides to bring you the messages you need to hear.

 Susan Caro

Susan Caro

Psychic Intuition/Tarot/Oracle Cards/Coffee Cups/Meditation /Sound Therapies

Using all these modalities I am able to offer compassionate and unique insights into your life, your desires, and the challenges that you are meant to overcome

Val Ollive

Val  Ollive

Medium/Bowen Therapist

I have practicing Mediumship, Bowen Therapy and Reiki for many years.
I am passionate about helping others realise that our Spirit goes on long after the physical body has given up.
For over 20 years I have been in the Spiritualist Movement and during that time I have assisted in organising and running the Mornington Spiritualist Church.

 Sonny Hart

Sonny Hart

Tarot/ Clairvoyant

My connection to Spirit goes back many years and has taken many forms including, Healing with herbs, Massage, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Spiritual Healing and Tarot.  

Tarot to me is a call to be of service and one I have heeded over the last
fifteen years.
During a Reading, I connect to your guides and read both your energy field and the cards to get clear, accurate information for your empowerment and highest good.

It helps if you bring a clear intent and an open heart to a Reading as Spirit always wants to help people find their life purpose and direction to
navigate life's highs and lows.


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