Clear Quartz crystal

Everything is energy and we, as humans, have a very quick moving and somewhat chaotic energy that can easily get out of balance.  Crystals, with their ancient manifestation that comes from deep within Mother Earth, have a very steady energy and when the two come together in the right way, one can be of help to the other.

Crystals contain piezoelectricity (relating to the polarisation resulting from the application of mechanical stress), that emanates at a certain megahertz and they bring their constant vibration to not only help humans, but crystals are used extensively in modern technology.  Every time you go into a supermarket, use your mobile phone, or computer, silica will abound and that is ground up clear quartz crystals.

When we understand more of the healing properties and, when science catches up with not only using crystals to propel their technology, it will be of immeasurable help in healing the body. We are only just starting to understand more about using crystals for healing.

Crystals and Chakras

It has been understood for some time that we have energy centers within us (Chakras, Haras, Meridians and Nadas) especially from ancient civilisations, and that with modern technology you can read a person, discerning whether they are in disease in certain areas by the bio-rhythms of the body then, by bringing forward the steady energy of the crystals, the body can begin to balance itself once more.

For us here and now, every day we subconsciously choose jewellery or colours to wear and whether we know it or not, these choices affect us as we go through a day. Wouldn’t you like more understanding of why you choose them? Perhaps this would encourage you to wear them for specific outcomes.  By coming along to our Crystals Workshops, you will gain more knowledge to help keep your electromagnetic pathways more balanced and in tune for a healthier and more uplifting lifestyle.