Quick answer is no. I myself started with Denise Crundall, and then did the rest of my training with Dr Pauline Fitzgerald.  The main reason was that Pauline held classes in Mt Martha and provided dedicated monthly Reiki Share Times.

Now with the blossoming of Reiki in so many different directions sometimes I am mindful that if students haven’t done Reiki I or II with me that they may need a Refresher Course which brings them up to speed with Living Reiki.  It is amazing how much more you get from doing more Courses and my Reiki III and IV students are required to attend two more classes in each Reiki I and II at both levels as part of their Living Reiki Master Courses. They always comment on how much they get from doing the Courses again.

I love the fact that our Living Reiki Share Days are not only for my students, but everyone is welcome.  The only proviso is that if you come to the Living Reiki II morning you must have completed Reiki II.  In the afternoon we have many people join us who haven’t done Reiki at all and, are either in need of a Reiki Healing or, wish to try the energy before they commit to doing a Living Reiki Course.

Our catch up times are so important and I love the fact that one month you can come along to a Living Reiki Share Day and the next month you can receive one from our wonderful ladies at our Living Reiki Stand at our Psychic Festival in Mt Eliza, which also gives students a platform to give and receive Reiki as well.

So, as you see, you are welcome to come along to our Living Reiki Sessions. Our next Session will be on Saturday 28th September and we look forward to welcoming you to the day.  We also have a Living Reiki II Course beginning on the Saturday 21st September and Reiki I Course on 12th October.

Private Living Reiki Sessions are available from Matu and myself at all other times.